New Lightweight Building Solutions

Lightweight Building Solutions
Ohlhorst Africa
 is proud to present Lightweight Building Solutions, offering the commercial building and construction industry an array of green lightweight building solutions.

Our award-winning, lightweight building technologies allow freedom of architectural and technical designs. Using lighter, durable materials with improved thermal performance, we prefabricate construction elements according to your specifications, decreasing your construction time and structural weight loads.

Our Lightweight Building Solutions include:

  • External Facades – External thermal insulated cladding system with lightweight steel engineered structure. Green Technology, optimal thermal performance and wind load certified.
  • Internal Service Walls – Extra rigid internal wall systems with sound and fireproof technology incorporated. Pre punched services for electrical and plumbing eliminates need for chasing. Suitable for wet areas.
  • Internal High-Walls – Solid and impact-resistant wall systems with sound and fireproof qualities. Able to accommodate double volume heights without increased structural requirements. Commonly used as dividing walls in shopping centres.

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