Welcome to the Ohlhorst Group

Modern methods of construction

Since inception in the 1940s, Ohlhorst’s focus has been on quality workmanship and developing lasting, ethical relationships with clients, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers. We ensure a top quality finish backed by professional service.

Our stable company history provides peace of mind in the knowledge that warranty on materials and installation will be honoured. This is particularly important in high impact installations requiring extended backup plans and guarantees on workmanship.

Over the years our field of expertise has expanded from plastering and tiling, into tile supply, stone beneficiation, lightweight building solutions, and modular construction.

We operate in the SADC region primarily as well as other African countries:

  • Namibia
  • Botswana
  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe
  • Malawi
  • Mozambique

We will also welcome work in other African countries.


Lightweight Building Solutions

LBS was created in 2013 in a response to a growing need for new lightweight building technologies and green material use with increased thermal performance. Our Lightweight Building Solutions division allows us to provide the building and construction industry an array of award-winning construction technologies. Using lighter, durable materials, prefabrication of construction elements according to your specifications offers you design flexibility while decreasing your construction time and structure weight load.



Founded on a partnership between Ohlhorst and Tiber, two well established entities in the construction industry. Through this partnership, moduBiLD brings with it a foundation of strategic partnerships with key design manufacture and supply companies, strong relationships with developers, industry professionals as well as extensive knowledge and experience in the application of light steel frame construction and its application in modular units. Our experience allows us to be sensitive and flexible to customer requirements without compromising the core modular construction principles that are the foundation of success.

Ohlhorst Africa

Ohlhorst’s tiling division fulfils tiling installation contracts throughout Africa. On-going relationships with the top names in the construction industry ensure our involvement in many of the continent’s major commercial projects.


Ceragran was started in 1991 by Cindy Gaspari as a specialist in the field of ceramics. Ceragran has established relationships with a number world leading manufacturers of ceramics, tile accessories and large format slabs from all over the world. Visit the Ceragran Website

Ohlhorst Marble & Granite

OMG was born in 1997 in response to a need to become more competitive by allowing Ohlhorst to beneficiate stone in-house. OMG handles tasks such as stone cutting, edging and polishing. The company’s production facility in Chloorkop is fully equipped which allows it to provide not only for Ohlhorst’s needs but also to run as a separate entity.


Ohlhorst is a Level 5 B-BBEE compliant company with 26% black ownership. Our supervisory, skilled and semi-skilled employees all have an equity stake in the organisation. This equity was given to our employees on the 1st March 2007. The sense of ownership that exists amongst our staff as a result has assisted Ohlhorst in striving for greater professionalism.

We’ve also assisted numerous small contractors in starting their own businesses. Many of the subcontractors we’ve enlisted in the past have gone on to establish independent companies.

B-BBEE Certificates