Ohlhorst Lightweight Building Solutions offers a wide range of External Facades – external thermal insulated cladding systems with a lightweight steel engineered structure. Green technology, optimal thermal performance and wind load certified.

Options include:

  • Large Format
  • Porcelain tiled Facade with Thermal and Fire Rated layers
  • Non-Ventilated System

Leading architects of our time are exploring and transforming Equitone into remarkable facade designs.

Equitone is a through-coloured facade material designed by and for architects. It offers unparalleled design flexibility and allows for flawless intricate details.

The character of the through-coloured, high density material is result of the raw, untreated texture of the fibre cement base. The highly expressive fibre cement sheets therefore lend the perfect flair to a vivid surface texture or accent design.

Benefits of Equitone Cladding

  • Excellent long-term durability
  • Non-combustible
  • Through-colour material for resistant to scratching and denting
  • Unique architectural appeal and several different finish types
  • No onsite finishing required
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to fabricate and install using proprietary colour-matched rivets
  • Proven performance in harsh environments globally
  • Very high strength and impact resistance
  • Can be cut to any shape and size

Trimo is one of Europe’s leading companies offering complete building envelope solutions in the area of fire resistant and innovative, flexible, aesthetical, functional and energy-efficient façade, roof, rainscreen and backing wall solutions.

Since its formation in 1961, Trimo has established itself as a leader in the development of original and complete building envelope systems (facades and roofs) and modular space solutions.

Total Wall Solution

  • Single component pre-engineered and prefabricated construction element
  • Self-supporting column to column horizontal or floor to floor vertical installation

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The evolution of ETICS through the past decade has been accelerated with advances in both chemical and cold formed lightweight steel engineering. Since the first large commercial project in South Africa in 2009, the ETICS system has been enhanced in every layer.

This building system is nine times lighter, four times faster to construct, and 12 times more thermally efficient than conventional brick construction.

Throughout the facade life-cycle, from design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition, both the materials and processes used are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient.

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Ohlhorst Lightweight Building Solutions offers Onyx Solar’s photovoltaic ventilated façade and roof system which provides undeniable aesthetics, great thermal performance, and a new source of free, clean electricity.

Contemporary architecture keeps searching for innovative and energy-efficient materials for façade and roof projects. The electricity generated by the Photovoltaic Glass system can be either injected to the grid, or it can be consumed right in the instant that it is generated. The thermal barrier created can result in energy savings up to 50% of the building´s current demand. Accordingly, both I.R.R. and payback time are unbeatable.

Kalsi fibre cement materials stand for health, durability and quality. The robust material is world-renowned for its straightness, flexibility and ease of installation.

Kalsi ceiling and cladding boards are produced without asbestos fibres and are used as part of a dry construction system in commercial, residential and industrial markets. The calcium silicate fibre cement boards are manufactured using a combination of cement, silica and cellulose which are then processed in an autoclave to ensure greater immediate dimensional stability.

External cladding boards in fibre cement prove to be a great combination of aesthetics and technology, providing a wide range of solutions and each with specific technical properties. Kalsi is a great alternative for smart builders and homeowners who want materials that are light, strong and easy to work with, and enable a faster build.

Benefits of Kalsi Board Cladding

  • 100% Asbestos free
  • Resistant to termites and other insects
  • Can be curved for aesthetic solutions
  • Accepts most aesthetic and architectural finishes
  • Impact resistant
  • Moisture and humidity resistant
  • Non-combustive
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Easy to work and simple to install
  • Differing board thicknesses available, allowing flexibility in use

Arval Southern Africa offers a range that is totally new to the South Africa façade cladding industry. This offers panels in 6 different materials in 99 different colours. The cladding range is further supported with an extremely high quality local product designed by Arval Southern Africa.

The product range comprises of 3 categories of steel manufacturing products:

  • PUR infill Thermal and Fire Insulated panels for wall cladding & roofing
  • High-End single skin façade system (Arval®) for cladding of luxury buildings
  • Industrialized building systems, to fast track delivery of buildings in the housing, education and health sectors with the added advantage of saving time and reducing staff needs.

The versatility of our products allows us to implement a variety of projects Including schools health facilities, shopping centres, ablution facilities, single-story and multi-storey housing.

Marmoran range has initiated technically advanced solutions created by the Marmoran Research and Development team. In addition, all Marmoran Products are tested to National & International Standards by Three Independent Laboratories.

This has led to Marmoran winning numerous awards, including the prestigious State Presidents Merit Award for Export Excellence and the Support Programme for Industrial Innovation.

An ISO 9001:2000 company, Marmoran products and services are guaranteed to conform to international standards.

Forming the backbone of the organization is the Licensed Applicator concept which is already established in over 40 countries. Supporting these Applicators are strategically situated Production Facilities.

A Guarantee is issued when the Coating System is applied to full specification by a Licenced Applicator.

The use of Marmoran products ensures unparalleled versatility in texture and colour whilst reflecting the best in contemporary international design trends.

Terraco offers a variety of high quality acrylic and silicone based decorative wall coatings in an extensive range of finishes and colours. 

Terraco’s Terracoat Textured Coatings have been used around the world for over 35 years to decorate buildings to the desired finish of any architect or home owner. The decorative coating is the most important part of the External Wall Insulation system as it protects the system and the building from the rain, snow, sun and the forces of nature. In this way Terracoat will lengthen the life of the building mean while giving it the desired beautiful finish of choice.

The below is an indication of the many colours available with Terracoat only showed below with Terracoat Texture Excel 2mm.

Other architecturally aesthetic finishes are also available such as Terralite Stone Coatings and Terol Mineral Based Coatings.