Ohlhorst Lightweight Building Solutions offers Onyx Solar’s photovoltaic ventilated façade and roof system which provides undeniable aesthetics, great thermal performance, and a new source of free, clean electricity.

Contemporary architecture keeps searching for innovative and energy-efficient materials for façade and roof projects. The electricity generated by the Photovoltaic Glass system can be either injected to the grid, or it can be consumed right in the instant that it is generated. The thermal barrier created can result in energy savings up to 50% of the building´s current demand. Accordingly, both I.R.R. and payback time are unbeatable.


Innovative Design & Aesthetics

The Photovoltaic Glass façades improve the aesthetic value and energy self-sufficiency of the building, which turns them into the ideal solution for both new buildings and renovation projects.

Harmful Radiation Filter

Photovoltaic glass is an ideal material to improve the comfort of users inside buildings; not only has it allowed the entry of natural light, but at the same time it filters harmful solar radiation: ultraviolet and infrared. Its optimized solar factor contributes achieving a pleasant temperature inside any building.

Photovoltaic Glass Around the World

Many well-known corporations across the globe already enjoy the benefits of photovoltaic ventilated facades. These include Apple Inc., Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Samsung, Coca-Cola, Heineken, Pfizer, G.W. University and many more. 


This project consists of a second photovoltaic skin anchored to the existing wall. It works as a double skin / ventilated façade concept, and it was made using semi-transparent, amorphous Silicon photovoltaic glass. Pfizer – the owner, enjoys natural light, improved thermal insulation and clean energy thanks to this pixel-like façade design.


This ventilated façade solution creates a second skin that improves the thermal insulation of the building while completely renovates the aesthetics of the building. The energy that it generates is distributed throughout the building to feed up to 15% of its energy needs. This amorphous Silicon installation demonstrates how efficiency is automatically improved when renovating a building using photovoltaic glass.


Located in the midst of Singapore’s financial center, this 64-storey tower is the tallest building in the country. Designed by S.O.M., the New York-based architecture firm, its design and construction was commissioned by the Korean multi-national company Samsung. It integrates a large photovoltaic canopy, covering the main entrance of the building.(27,986 sf).


The two-million square-foot former Bell Labs facility was converted into an iconic mixed-use metroburb located in Holmdel, N.J. The construction includes 60,000 SqFt of amorphous silicon photovoltaic glass, to create the largest-of-its-kind photovoltaic skylight in the USA. This provides plenty of natural light inside the building, and generates free and clean electricity for all its occupants.