Winner 2016: South African Institute of Steel Construction
Light Steel Frame Category: Mall of Africa Façade, 22,000sqm

Winner 2017: South African Institute of Steel Construction
Light Steel Frame Category: Summit Place E, 11 Storey Façade

Winner 2018: South African Institute of Steel Construction
Light Steel Frame Category: Gateway Façade, Waterfall

Ohlhorst is proud to present Lightweight Building Solutions, offering the commercial building and construction industry an array of green lightweight building solutions.

Our award-winning, lightweight building technologies allow freedom of architectural and technical designs. Using lighter, durable materials with improved thermal performance, we prefabricate structural construction elements according to your specifications, decreasing your construction time and structural weight loads.

Ohlhorst LBS offers a full-service package. We design, develop and construct all types of high quality walls and steel construction, from modern climate facades and walls to second skin walls. Corrective and preventive maintenance of walls is also available as a service. Our unique knowledge and skills allow us to collaborate with the architect to develop even the most special and specific designs. Being involved right from the early planning stages of the design creates enormous value for all parties.

Our services include:

  • Design and construction of commercial facades from lightweight, green certified materials
  • Modular Construction design, specification and supply of up to 10 storey buildings
  • Design and specification of lightweight steel structures
  • Manufacture of all lightweight building components to specification
  • Redesign of any traditional architectural design to lightweight steel including engineer certified design

Our lightweight solutions include:

  • External Facades – External thermal insulated cladding system with lightweight steel engineered structure. Green Technology, optimal thermal performance and wind load certified. Options include:
    • Equitone – ETEX, Marley SA
    • Weber ETICS – St. Gobain
    • Terraco EISF – Terraco
    • Hulabond – By HBS
    • ARVAL  – Arcelor Mittal
    • Porcelite – Large format Porcelain façade systems
  • Modular Construction – Following international trends modular construction projects lead to economy of scale through repetitive manufacture , rapid installation on site and a high level of quality control in factory production.
  • Internal Service Walls – Extra rigid internal wall systems with sound and fireproof technology incorporated. Pre punched services for electrical and plumbing eliminates need for chasing. Suitable
    for wet areas. Compliant with international hotel chain sound requirements.
  • Internal High-Walls Solid and impact-resistant wall systems with sound and fireproof qualities. Able to accommodate double volume heights without increased structural requirements. Commonly used as dividing walls in shopping centres and factories.

All products meet international certifications and all solutions are installed to meet the manufacturer Warranty requirements.

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Lightweight Building Solutions Projects

In 2016, The Ohlhorst Africa group played an integral part in the design and development of the Mall of Africa, a 131 000sqm retail space. Built to be environmentally conscious, the mall houses the largest lightweight steel frame in the world, with 22 000m2 of ETICS. The exterior façade, which covers a full five kilometres in circumference, was clad with the ETICS system by Ohlhorst Lightweight Building Solutions. The building won the 2016 South African Institute of Steel Construction Awards in the Light Steel Frame Category.

Ohlhorst also won the 2017 and 2018 Light Steel Frame Category awards for the Summit Place building and Gateway West building respectively.