The evolution of ETICS

The evolution of ETICS through the past decade has been accelerated with advances in both chemical and cold formed lightweight steel engineering. Since the first large commercial project in South Africa in 2009, the ETICS system has been enhanced in every layer.

EPS sheets have been engineered and increased in density, and optional carbon composites can be added. The ETICS system plasters have been re-engineered to better suit aesthetic requirements and the final layer colour render ranges extended.

Light steel frame engineering has also grown from residential to mid-rise residential, office and commercial
construction applications.

The ETICS system has also been enhanced to include insulated tiled and glass facades.

Ohlhorst Light Building Solutions offers building envelope and high wall building technology with engineering and architectural design specifications throughout construction.

This building system is nine times lighter, four times faster to construct, and 12 times more thermally efficient than conventional brick construction

Throughout the facade life-cycle, from design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition, both
the materials and processes used are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient.

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