Ohlhorst Lightweight Building Solutions EQUITONE is an aesthetically pleasing, coloured, high-density fiber cement façade material for a ventilated rain screen, that offers unlimited design options and variety.


  • Designed to improve the environmental quality of the building, preserve energy, support green building practices and offer a healthy sustainable solution to any and all building applications.
  • 100% recyclable, fire resistant and requires minimal maintenance.
    Etex Building Systems is the sole distributor in SA, and only offer supply and fit prices to clients through approved (independent) contractors / installers.
  • Materials are imported from Europe with a 8-12 week lead time.
  • LSF Sub & Structural frames are provided and designed locally in SA by Ohlhorst Africa Lightweight Building Solutions (LBS).
  • LSF frames can fix to brick / wood / concrete / steel.
  • Design will be determined by the architect
  • Structural & modular pattern designs are possible with the LSF frames.

Benefits of EQUITONE ventilated façades

A ventilated façade is the concept of equalizing the air pressure in the cavity behind the rain screen with the outside air pressure.
A cavity of 70-270mm is standard for the ventilated rain screen façade

  • Creates a ventilated rain screen and cavity
  • Deflects rain, cold and heat – prevents condensation
  • Allows air to circulate
  • Panels carry A2 Euro class fire rating – fire proof
  • Premium performance with min thickness – energy efficient
  • Adaptable / reliable / green
  • Durable / strong / healthy
  • During summer the ventilation has a cooling effect on the building
  • Structural movement of the building is minimised
  • Acoustic performance of the wall is increased
  • Thermal bridges can be reduced or even eliminated
  • During winter the building is protected and the cold air is prevented from affecting the building structure.