Ohlhorst is a Level 5 B-BBEE compliant company with 26% black ownership. Our supervisory, skilled and semi-skilled employees all have an equity stake in the organisation. This equity was given to our employees on the 1st March 2007. The sense of ownership that exists amongst our staff as a result has assisted Ohlhorst in striving for greater professionalism.

We’ve also assisted numerous small contractors in starting their own businesses. Many of the subcontractors we’ve enlisted in the past have gone on to establish independent companies.

B-BBEE Certificates

Ohlhorst Africa: View the Ohlhorst Africa B-BBEE Certificate

Ohlhorst Africa LBS: View the Ohlhorst Africa LBS B-BBEE Certificate

Ohlhorst Marble and Granite: View the Ohlhorst Marble and Granite B-BBEE Certificate

Ceragran: View the Ceragran B-BBEE Certificate