Mandela Day House Build Project
Wingz of Change is an upliftment feature on community radio station, HOT91.9FM. The feature airs twice a week on Joburg’s Hottest Breakfast; award-winning morning drive show presented by Darren Scott and Jeremy Mansfield. Last year, Joburg’s Hottest Breakfast Show extended their regular upliftment feature and announced that for Mandela Day 2015, they would embark on an initiative to build a home for someone without permanent housing in 67 minutes. The show’s regular charity activation ONE Wingz of Change partnered with ER 24 on this Mandela Day House Build Project.

From the hundreds of email nominations that came pouring in, Wingz of Change selected Julia Naila and her son Sihle to receive the gift of a home. Julia and Sihle currently live in a small one-bedroom space without electricity, running water or a toilet. Sihle has complex health challenges and often requires dialysis; ideally performed in a highly hygienic and sterile environment.

On Thursday, 6th August 2015, Joburg’s Hottest Breakfast Show opened their phone lines and reached out to listeners asking for donations of services and materials required to build Julia and Sihle a house. Ohlhorst jumped at the chance to give back to their community and donated 110 square-meters of tiles to HOT91.9FM for this project.

“We are thrilled to be a part of such a noble initiative and to have the opportunity to provide a safe, clean environment for Sihle and his mom. Wherever possible, we as a company, endeavor to give back and support our community.” says Sergio Ferreira, contracts director at Ohlhorst Africa.

The home, built in the Randfontein municipality, will be handed over to Julia and Sihle on July 18th 2016, in time for Mandela Day.

For the podcast of the Mandela Day broadcast please visit the link below:

Hot 91.9 FM’s Hottest Breakfast Show – Building a house in 67 minutes for Mandela day:

Building a house for Julia on Joburg’s Hottest Breakfast:

A house will be built in 67 minutes: