A long-standing association with Tiber and Zenprop, the developers of the 15 Alice Lane project, combined with decades of experience in the industry made Ohlhorst the logical choice when contractor, Tiber Bonvec Construction chose a specialist to handle the tiling. Incorporating approximately 10,000m² of glazed porcelain tiles, Ohlhorst MD, Rui Lavarinhas explains that the challenge of the project lay in supporting the vision of architectural firm Paragon, while ensuring that the job ran smoothly.

“In a project as prestigious as this, there could be no compromise on quality,” says Lavarinhas. “The architects had clear ideas of what they wanted and it was our responsibility to see that the design was implemented to the letter. In some instances this involved a measure of problem-solving. For example, the tiles in the bathrooms required intricate waterjet cutting to create slivers of tiles that were too fragile to survive transportation intact. We found a way to cut the tiles on site, giving the client what they wanted, without incurring undue material losses in the process.”

The entire Ohlhorst team expressed their satisfaction with the final outcome. “High profile projects like this are always immensely rewarding,” concludes Lavarinhas. “They provide an opportunity for us to showcase our skills, as well as a chance to make a meaningful contribution to a structure that is bound to be a significant landmark in South African architecture. It truly is a worthy addition to our portfolio.”